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[audio]L'Etoile du Matin Noir - Legion
"...I allowed my friend Edgeist to listen to some of these samples, and he was like "dude, you've got everything you need to start an album". I followed his words, and started to work on the thing. A few days later, "Scorched Earth" and "Haunted Cathedral" were born. Once again, Edgeist was very enthusiastic, so I kept working, and other tracks were born. Then time passed, I created a few more tracks, and reworked most of the first tracks, sometimes very deeply ("Haunted Cathedral", which ultima...
Keywords: ambient; dark; experimental; noise
Downloads: 23,279
[audio]Interpunctiones - Ensemble Phase 3
This release is very special. After contacting with Ensemble Phase 3, they decided to publish some material @ Abdicate Cell (great!), so they decided what tracks to send me. So here it is, a special selection by E.P.3. The music is also special, they work with improvised music, they play classical/experimental music. Download and enjoy this great ensemble's music.
Keywords: improvised; experimental; classical
Downloads: 15,169
[audio]Rand - Noi
This is perhaps the most mystical and deep work of all the I have realized. An approach to the most classic ambient; a work of contrasts with certain sweet and sour touch, and always trying to support the emotivity in his highest point. In this case, the use of oscillators of low and high frequencies is the starting point in a semi-aleatory succession using simultaneously different field recordings to offer a proper and personal meaning to every cut...
Keywords: ambient; experimental
Downloads: 12,272
[audio]Cell [ac019] - various artists
This week, I suggest, eat as follows:Monday: Eat powdered poached reconstituted potatos factory-packed in Europe. Tuesday: Eat poached biscuits that are not packaged in boxes. Wednesday: Eat blue fuzzy baked dumplings that are thrown away by others. Thursday: Get by on a little mustards that you bought at a discount. Friday: Eat a little poached blue noodle dishes that are imported from overseas...
Keywords: experimental; noise; ambient
Downloads: 11,451
[audio]Chaotic generation of ideas [ac004] - Gob of spit
This recording contains tracks from 1998 to 2000. These are the first Gob of Spit recordings.
Keywords: Grindcore; Grind
Downloads: 11,307 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]"." [ac020] - Lezet
Melody and hubbub play their respective parts on the nature of the compositions present on this e.p. The experimental musician from Serbia is here inspired by asthma seizures, the percussive effects of the instruments that forged the pieces, and their creative potential.Ideas are expressed sonically through a series of dissonant musings ; but dissonance is heavily subjected to the melodic mainframe.The title itself - "."- argues the desired length of a musical piece...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 6,836
[audio]Analog bounty on the WAV DJ - lodemidiQuail
The uncomfortable sensation which you will soon experience in your shoulders is a symbol of hunger. If cemeteries refuse to treat toaster ovens as reassurances, then it is necessary that someone must demand domains that serve the function of facsimiles, or domains that cancel sociably the loves of eminence. At any cost, it is necessary to re-connect clarifications to memories. What the world needs is not charities against problems, but outrageous loves against automations which are argumentative...
Keywords: experimental; ambient; psychedelic
Downloads: 6,417
[audio]Luto ibérico - Minuit
"My aim is to create a profound listening experience that can refresh your physical state by suggestion and transport your mind to these breathtaking places." Ambient noise and sound sources: the forest rains & beach environments of Euskadi, the rivers and acoustic spaces from random rooms in Catalunya, the underground subway and train systems of Madrid and the heavy construction machinery plus waters of Perpinyà.
Keywords: experimental; ambient; noise
Downloads: 6,041 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Artik - Artik
Artik's self-titled release is a perfect mixture of genres. From the use of frequencies to the most folkloric tunes, from the sounds of nature to the most unnatural sounds. But you will not even be aware of each sound you hear, you'll hear Artik, Let your ears enjoy with this multicultural sonic voyage.
Keywords: experimental; ambient; electronica; noise
Downloads: 5,896 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Cycle EP [ac022] - QB
As QB describes it: "Cold and madness,incest then again,'Cycle' of madness...".
Keywords: experimental; noise; glitch
Downloads: 5,671 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Performance is inherently unlikely - Lezet
"Performance is inherently unlikely" speaks of Lezet's duel with his computer.The machine is here coerced into becoming a collaborator rather than a tool. The structures, piano-led or growing out of ambient-noise pretext, strive to open a dialogue within individual tracks. The results are presented herein.
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 5,444
[audio]An Old Friend Who Sings Glass To Bits - Christ phyr Blyr
This work constitutes an intense boundary that takes us back to the obvious failsafe joke/insanity. This recording reminds the listener of the industrial alienation of vaudeville, drunk synthesis of mythology and psychodelia. Do not expect neither paradoxical architecture nor radical folk art. Instead you must attend to the expansion-based flow/alienation of fashion design. Of course, you'll get a better idea of it as you listen and enjoy this recording.
Keywords: experimental; noise
Downloads: 5,271
[audio]Bitronica - Hiroshi
With this special debut EP Hiroshi opens a new door for the netlabel, the chiptune music. Bitronica has special bit-melodies. If you are into 8 bit/lo-fi/chiptune music, then keep you ears wide open, this is surely for you. As usual, I recomend you to listen, enjoy and get your own opinions. "Pushing boundaries opens gateways to new levels of thinking."
Keywords: chiptunes; chipcore; experimental
Downloads: 5,120
[audio]Rescued Tapes - The Cherry Blues Project
El título del disco es "Rescued Tapes", dividido en dos volúmenes. El disco es una especie de antologÌa de temas que sobraron entre los años 2001 y 2007 y quisimos juntarlos en un disco. Los discos de donde han surgido la mayorÌa de los temas de este volumen son: Cosmic Trash (2001), At Home (2002), Canciones de los Mundos Oníricos (2003). Animals (2005), DVD "Documentary of Blues" - Inédito (2007); Lude es un tema nuevo En el disco se notan paisajes sonoros, sonidos surrealistas, u otros...
Keywords: experimental; noise; ambiental
Downloads: 4,980
[audio]Burning memories - QB
"Burning memories" is the third delivery by QB. It is made of old tracks, and the intention of this long recording is to burn those memories and continue creating new material.
Keywords: experimental; electronica
Downloads: 4,671
[audio]MD5039 [ac023] - Aatmaa
This material ranging from a modern primitive concept. Using aboriginal instruments searching for the primal sound. This work combine tribal industrial noise and ambient creating a solid idea of post-modern music.
Keywords: experimental; noise; industrial
Downloads: 4,514 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Landmass EP [ac021] - Edgeist
Harsh pulsating noises and flux of corroding electronics for sonic landscape themes. 4 rhythmic tracks and 3 ambient tracks.
Keywords: experimental; noise; power noise; harsh; industrial; corroding electronic; ambient
Downloads: 4,436 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Mantis Crème - Mr. Scrawl [ac005] - Mantis Crème
Extrange first LP of Mantis Crème. A kind of conceptual recording. Mixture of dark expresions in diferent kinds of music, mixing electro_pop_rock_soundscapes_noise with a crusty sound.
Keywords: experimental electro crust pop
Downloads: 4,414
[audio]Mantis Crème - Shadow's nest [ac006] - Mantis Crème
Second Mantis Crème's recording. As experimental mixture as the first. With lyrics and vocal collaboration of Silencio Imperfecto in "Nido de sombras" track.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 4,235
[audio]Abstract works [ac024] - QB
Contemporary glass blowing can be your failure to think of yourself or simply your inability to doubt what you hear. The present recording is more like your underlying motivation. This work, at once tasty and conscious, invites us to the experience the classic paradoxical anti-realism, represented here as a 8 tracks recording. You know, abstract works ;)
Keywords: darkwave; experimental
Downloads: 4,216
[audio]Trails [ac017] - Enlil
This release is a sonic recreation for an internal travel. No matter wich path decides Enlil to go, there's no turning back; no one will really be the same after a long voyage. For those who loves/need to travell and think, this is a good sonic landscape to have in your portatil device.
Keywords: experimental; sonic landscape; ambient
Downloads: 3,990
[audio]Axon - AATMAA + Enlil
This recording is the first of the "mutualism series". In this ocasion AATMAA and Enlil collaborated in the construstion/deconstruction arround the axon idea. Exploring the primary transmission lines of the nervous system, creating spaced intervals with a rapid mode of electrical impulses,propagation,transference and mutation.
Keywords: experimental; industrial; noise; polyrithms manipulation; ambient; mutuaism series
Downloads: 3,563
[audio]El país de las máquinas - Kill the Tv
Kill the Tv presenta un ep de dos tracks grabados en directo con una temática y una atmósfera sonora post apocalíptica. Texturas enrarecidas y paisajes desolados en un ejercicio de improvisación sin ensayos ni premeditaciones.
Keywords: experimental; noise; ambiental
Downloads: 3,535
[audio]arbol1 - ejgb
Arbol1 is the result of a project that in principle was conceived to be shared with friends and close people. In some way it was summoning up own life, thanks partly to the Tiziana Fantone and Ruben d'Hers aid. Arbol1 is “a simple recreation of complex moments”.
Keywords: experimental; ambient
Downloads: 3,160
[audio]destruction by design - x-flow
Sonic flow to destruction by design: military strategy as urban planning.
Keywords: context sonic flow; experimental; noise
Downloads: 2,747
[audio]EP Echoes - Doping Mozga
"Doping Mozga was started by NNN in 2005. By the end of year DM released "EP Echoes". Echoes sounded ambiental and reactions were pretty good. In autumn of 2006. FT joined DM and soon after that the name was changed to THIRD I. THIRD I changed sound too and by the end of 2006. single "Trinity" was released by Australian SMELL THE STENCH ( The rest is history. THIRD I now brings you industrial, dark ambient, noise, dark electro, experimental, ambiental, drone, low-fi sound...
Keywords: ambient; experimental
Downloads: 2,687
[audio]forces, practices, histories and policies - x-flow
Sonic flow to "creative clusters" and real estate market boom.
Keywords: context sonic flow; experimental
Downloads: 2,665
[audio]your boy is a bipolar child, take this pills - x-flow
Sonic flow to disease mongering: the corporate sponsored creation of disease.
Keywords: context sonic flow; experimental
Downloads: 2,653
[audio]6 dialektus horribilis [ac015] - x-flow
6 dialektus horribilis is maybe the x-flow's most difficult listening recording to date. It's been recorded also live at the abdicate cell. This time the main instrument has been a radio, but has been also used guitar, microphon, and some drum programing.
Keywords: Experimental; Difficult Listening; Abstract; deconstruction
Downloads: 2,495
[audio]untitled - Adrián Juárez and Kenneth Kirschner

Keywords: experimental; ambiental
Downloads: 2,309
[audio]Earpiece - Lezet
"Pentliczek's music is an ongoing , genre-defying travelogue not wanting in structure nor execution.Lezet's "Earpiece" attempts at unriddling and re-interpreting the original Pentliczek timbre while paying homage to this music royalty.Knuckling down to working on this collection was an enlightening as well as a rewarding experience. Kudos to Dominik Gawara for giving Lezet a permission to embark on such a wonderful voyage...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 2,296
[audio]Bong - Helmeticrononaut
Helmeticrononaut's recent work is a psycho-isotropic unbelieveable equilibrium/organicity that takes us back to the organic unbelieveable evolution. This work, at once crimson and adventurous, will remind the educated listener of the risky aesthetic-based latent technology, with startling originality, as an intoxicated mixing of demonology and general insurrection. The best you can do is listen to this great two track piece wich is Bong and enjoy the noise.
Keywords: noise; experimental; harsh
Downloads: 2,185
[audio]involuntary feeding - x-flow
Sonic flow to medical ethics and guantanamo bay.
Keywords: context sonic flow; experimental
Downloads: 2,076
[audio]H: U.N.D. - Arnak signals [ac009] - H: U.N.D.
Arnak Signals is a voyage through industrial, noise and sonic landscapes. Very personal E.P.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,902
[audio]1 - Process
"1" is a mix of free jazz and contemporary electroacoustic music. Three incredible tracks by a very special ensemble of improvisers from Cracow, focused on the problem of ensemble activity.
Keywords: Free jazz; Electroacoustic; Experimental
Downloads: 1,854
[audio]Camisole vs Aatmaa - Camisole vs Aatmaa
This is an exclusive 2 track EP by Camisole and AATMAA. Camisole (Belgium) R.DOKTOR : Chaos engine & death machineries Unless/Useless (an exclusive track originally made for the "Children Of The Bomb" compilation 2006) Remixed at The Crypt in February 2007 AATMAA I Was There track recorded at The Gutter in July 2003
Keywords: experimental; noise; industrial; ambient
Downloads: 1,788
[audio]Slyshaite exo~~~ - Naam

Keywords: experimental; noise; ambiental
Downloads: 1,451
[audio]x-flow - Vinterlys [ac014] - x-flow
A personal sonic vision through piano of the winter light in Norway. Quiet "classical" piece. ac_014
Keywords: classical experimental
Downloads: 1,384
[audio]The Split - 3P1L3PT1C F1T & Insecticide Lobotomy

Keywords: experimental; noise; ambiental
Downloads: 1,301
[audio]Surfaces - Petr Drkula
A harmonic and melodic features are not as much important components in the piece as easy variations of timbres and tempi. This other hierarchy of musical elements forms a platform for my own notions of sound architecture. It is an extensive complex of unchanging rhytmical figures what makes these differently coloured and homogenous surfaces during the whole composition.
Keywords: experimental; minimal; sound architecture
Downloads: 1,207
[audio]Awser Derf [ac016] - Qwerty
First recording of this noise project called "qwerty". "Awser derf" is also the first E.P. recording published in 2006 by A.C. Enjoy the noise and feel free to post your comments!
Keywords: noise; experimental
Downloads: 1,186
[audio]Adrián Juárez + Skylined - Mutualism - Adrián Juárez + Skylined

Keywords: experimental; mutualism
Downloads: 1,162
[audio]Hong Kong Foo - Y
Dusko himself descrives the EP: "This track was recorded as a part of a project wich basic idea was to just play instruments without thinking of the music in advance,named "Y". The only deal was to play without any deal among the musicians,often trying not to listen to each other too much. Luka Matijasevic the guitarst and me (Dusko Vuckovic) on drums performed music for three months once a week and recorded every second of it.This one was speeded up by mistake and after listening I decieded not...
Keywords: avant; experimental; free jazz
Downloads: 1,162
[audio]A iga l'och, l'è metà fadiga - Clan

Keywords: experimental; noise; ambiental
Downloads: 1,153
[audio]foraminifera's chemical compositions - x-flow
Sonic flow to destructive hurricanes: link tropical warming & greenhouse gases.
Keywords: Experimental; context sonic flow
Downloads: 870
[audio]Nephrospasis - Pharmakustik
"In the oliguria of acute sonoric insufficiency which occurs as a result of trauma and catharsis was born Nephrospasis, a horizontal acoustic area of extracellular fluids and blood-plasma-fractions. After reverberating fluid intake has been permanently increased and vasopressor response accelerated, the oliguric listener enters the acoustic phase of nephron nephrosis and uremic ambience. Absorption of harmonies by antiseptic cleansing." (Siegmar Fricke)
Keywords: experimental; electronica; industrial
Downloads: 867
[audio]Pictures to you [ac018] - Larsgården/Saldaña
This is a collaboration between C-J Larsgården (Sweden) and Sergi Saldaña (Norway/Spain). We have tried to capture the feeling in 20 selected photos and from that feeling translate it into sounds. Out of this we made this two pieces for "pictures to you".
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 816
[audio]tracing activities' locations - x-flow
Sonic flow to pgs versus gps: mapOmatix.
Keywords: context sonic flow; experimental
Downloads: 807
[audio]lsd - x-flow
Sonic flow to lsd symposium: consciousness researchers.
Keywords: context sonic flow; experimental
Downloads: 733
[audio]zero point energy - x-flow
Sonic flow to zero point energy of the vacuum.
Keywords: context sonic flow; experimental
Downloads: 663
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